Leggo My Ego

Everything is bigger in Texas. I guess that is why local TV sports guy Dale Hansen moved here from Iowa or Nebraska or wherever. He does deserve recognition, however, for turning himself into the most controversial (and most watched) sports guy in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. Forget his all-too-brief stint on The Ticket and his quasi-punching match with former Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer during a live telecast. Instead, focus on what I consider to be Dale’s defining moment by clicking this link that will lead you to an on-air pissing match.

Are you back? Good. Let’s continue.

Because Dawn and I got this today:

That is just the front of the invitation. I didn’t scan the innards because the last thing we need right now is for Dale to go on the nightly news complaining about some rubes in Burleson who posted his address in a blog, as funny as that might be.

So, for a total of $300 (that benefits diabetic research), Dawn and I could be schmoozing with the local gentry while trying to match Dale drink-for-drink (which I hear is near impossible).

Too bad the price is so steep, because this would make great blog material.


2 thoughts on “Leggo My Ego

  1. Year before last he got really lit, tried to hop on his wife’s back and yelled “She is a pony, she is my little pony!” Yeah, good times. Janine will be there as she is every year. Sorry honey, I know you really wanted to meet that bitch in person….What? What did you say???

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