Makin Monsters For My Friends

I debated this over and over, but after our last conversation, I decided that I had to do this despite the fact that I’m sure many people reading this will make the wrong assumption about who I am talking about. Let them wonder, I say, and eat cake while they are at it.

It’s trite, but the bottom line question is always the same: Are you happy?

So simple, yet so complex. A rhetorical life, perhaps.

We all spend our formative years knowing, knowing without a doubt, how our lives are going to play out. We won’t settle for anything less, despite what we say. That is…

… that is, until we meet that “someone special”. And, as much as we try, we cannot get blood from that stone. Or turnip. Whatever. The bottom line is that real life is rarely (if ever) as portrayed on TV. People are faulty and have flaws. Most of these are known, or easily perceived, ahead of time. The honest among us are like a well-read novel, dog-eared from experience but not forgotten because of memorable passages.

So, yes – it is convenient.

But are you happy?


3 thoughts on “Makin Monsters For My Friends

  1. I feel like I need to jump in and do damage control. This blog is not for anyone locally. There.

    To the person this blog is for: I have watched my family struggle with addiction my entire life, it is a demon that no amount of love can make go away. You are both in my prayers.

  2. Right about now (funk soul brother)… no, because I just tried to transfer a domain from one (expensive) registrar to another (much cheaper one) and their ****ing transfer interface is so retarded it doesn’t work in my browser – to the point where I can’t even see the part of the screen I’m meant to click on – and when I disable css so I can see everything, I still don’t know where to click because their code isn’t degradable.
    But otherwise, yeah, pretty much.

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