They Call Me Leemer

When Castro gave me free health careOr Leems.  Or Leemsy.  Or even the Notorious Short Haired Bastard.  (I swear, I’m not making that up.)

I love music (but my readers, for the most part, hate it when I write about it), I play guitar (like a three-year old), I drink (like a fish), I smoke (like a chimney), and I steal analogies (from elementary school libraries).

I’m also a big fan of parenthesis.

Welcome to my part of Texas.  It’s the kick-ass part, by the way.


6 responses

11 08 2007
Mrs. Leemer

This picture of you, in Cousin Chad’s Whole Foods hat…it makes me want to strip you down and spank your bare ass!

11 08 2007
Ed R

Mrs. Leemer doesn’t get out much does she?
OW! No hitting! That’s gonna leave a mark!

11 08 2007

Me too!

Oh, wait. I think I’m in the wrong forum.

Dump that.

13 08 2007
Cousin Brandon

Isn’t that my backyard??

Save the spankin’ for FTW, I don’t want to clean up the mess….

13 08 2007
Mrs. Leemer

It is your back yard. You and Mom are the only ones with that brick!

14 08 2007
Cousin Brandon

That’s why I had to look twice at the picture!!

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