Great Leap Forward

We live in a pretty cool era.  The "sweet spot" of humanity (stolen from Junior Miller), really. But as a serial binge watcher, I've got some issues with the most popular streaming platforms that kind of drive me nuts because they seem like they could be easily fixed.  I mean, not easily fixed by me …

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Chained To The (algo)Rhythm

Yeah, I know the correct spelling is "algorithm", but never let spelling get in the way of clever syntax. Or what I think is clever syntax. Likewise, as much as I like to title these entries with songs I actually know and like, sometimes a song that is not in my wheelhouse fits better, even …

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Mr. Wrong

Nelson DeMille once wrote "Nostalgia is basically the ability to forget the things that sucked."  I realize that DeMille is not generally recognized among the darlings of American literary geniuses, but damn - I love that line. And so I found myself engulfed in a sea of nostalgia tonight. Well, meet me by the river …

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