Kill Your Television

I think I’ve used this song title before, but right now I don’t care because Ned’s Atomic Dustbin has two (2!) bass players.  And I love that. So I’ll gladly use it again.

She said, she said
‘You don’t know shit,
Because you’ve never been there’
She turned upon him,

I used rarely watch TV.  And even now, I still rarely watch it in the traditional sense, but I have become addicted to “binge watching” series.

And, frankly, it has become a bit of a problem.

It started out innocently enough, watching “Better Call Saul” with a friend.  But since that was a prequel to “Breaking Bad” (a show I’d never watched), I felt a little lost.  To be fair, I wouldn’t have felt that way had I started wacthing “Saul” alone, but since I was watching with a devout “Breaking Bad” fan, I knew I had some work to do.

So when I would be home, after work, I started watching “Breaking Bad” at my little workstation in the garage.  And not just an episode or two per night, but usually at least four.  Most times more.

And when I was done with that show?  I moved on to “The Wire”.  After that?  “The Sopranos”.

Meanwhile, while at my friend’s house, we watched “Stranger Things”. And when we were done with that, we started “Narcos”.

I ended up watching the rest of “Narcos” at home.  I’m all caught up until the next season.  So then I did the same with “The Americans”.  Again, I am all caught up on that show until the next season.

In between those two, I watched the entire “Treme” series.  Really enjoyed that one, and it was quite the departure from my other shows because I don’t think it contained a single violent death.  But it did have a ton of cool music.

Took him by the hair
Spun him round about,
Laughing as he fell about,
Sat down for a drink

I tried a Netflix original show called “Longmire” (set in Wyoming, a state I love), and I liked it, but it was more like a “normal” TV show.  It was wrapped up in an hour or so, and the next episode was all about a new story.  And my addiction was about the serial story. A beginning in season 1, a conclusion in season 4 or later.

So now – seriously, as I’m tying this – I’m watching another Netflix original called “The Killing”.  It’s only about three and a half seasons, and I’m almost done now.  (The season 3 finale kind of ruined my love of this show, but I’m sticking with it.  Never say never, and all.)

But after this show (about 2 and a half more episodes)?  I’ve got a giant bag of nothing.

I have Amazon Prime, I recently subscribed to NetFlix, and now I am seriously considering Hulu just for more options.  (Plus, Hulu has that Stephen King miniseries 11/22/63 and I LOVED the book).  In other words, I’ve got problems.

Mainly, what should I watch next?

In her father’s favourite chair
Kill your television
– “Kill Your Television”, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin




5 thoughts on “Kill Your Television

  1. Hey John, Cliff in the UK. Long time commenter, first time reader.

    For starters, OMFG. The best gig I ever went to was Ned’s Atomic Dustbin at Preston Guildhall in December 1992. I loved that band. Luke (remember Luke?) was buried in the Ned’s Atomic Dustbin t-shirt I bought him.

    I’m the same with TV, I never watch live stuff unless it’s news, but I have gotten into box sets. Saying that, I have only seen more than a couple of episodes of The Sopranos, Treme (which I really liked), House of Cards (meh) a season of The Wire.

    11/22/63 was really disappointing. It wasn’t so much that large bits were missed out, because I get that, but there was a whole sidekick invented to help Jake explain why he was doing what he was doing. After 4 episodes of this Scrappy Doo bullshit, I was waiting for him to travel back to reset. Never happened. Go ahead if you want, but it’s a big let down.

    I LOVED Narcos and saw both seasons and would highly recommend The Crown, if only for John Lithgow’s Churchill. There isn’t much violence in it though. Apart from, you know, the second world war.

    I’m halfway through Band of Brothers, which is great.

    Bloodline – THAT is the show for you. You’ll love it. Trust me.

    Hope you’re well,


  2. Hey, Cliff in the UK.

    Since you left this comment, I have watched all of Bloodline (and was saddened to learn that it will not be back for a season 4). You were right, too – I really enjoyed it. Nothing scares me more, or makes me more tense, than when things just start spiraling out of control and it seems there is no way to stop that boulder from speeding downhill… Thanks for the suggestion.

    Last night, I finished watching Man in the High Tower. I got through those two seasons in only two days. Yeah, I have a problem. But it was also a damn good show that I had a hard time tearing myself away from.

    I also added The Crown to my watchlist based on your suggestion, but I noticed last night that season 4 of The Americans is available for streaming now, so that will take over the next few nights for me.

    And after those two? Who knows? Maybe South Park…

    Cheers, amigo.

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