Let’s Make Some Plans

I started writing this an hour ago or so (actually, much longer ago now since I went to sleep), but I accidentally deleted everything I had written.  But that’s cool because I didn’t have closure then.  I do now.  So now this will have a totally different tenor.

Let’s make some plans ’cause they can’t go wrong
Getting there may be times three, maybe not

In my original (now gone forever) post, I mentioned that the song used for this entry title was performed by Close Lobsters.  And I wondered how “Close” was supposed to be pronounced.  As in “close the door” or “that was close”?  Mysteries, man.

The lost post also cited, although briefly, my discovery of alternative music and finding this weird cassette tape in my brothers’ stuff.  I wrote about that more extensively here, but never mentioned Close Lobsters specifically.

I also mentioned that it is a pretty cool band name.  Way cooler than, say, Migos.Whoever said that they had run out of band names had yet to meet the person who came up with Close Lobsters.

In the original (now gone) entry,  I also mentioned a band called Wedding Present because they recorded a cover version of “Let’s Make Some Plans” to be included on their “Hit Parade” release that also included covers of Neil Young, The Monkees, and The Go-Betweens (another guilty pleasure of mine).

In one of life’s weird sub-stories, the only person I have ever “met” who also knows and loves the Wedding Present is a guy who lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  Not exactly the hub of British post-punk pop.  But nothing surprises me anymore, I guess.


Making plans is easy when one of the following two conditions applies: a) you are single, or b) you are in a committed relationship.  When option “a” is applicable, you just make your damn plans and worry about it later.  When it is “b”, you confer with your partner first and then go from there.

To loosen your lips ’cause you’re talking rubbish
To loosen your whole mistaken tenfold

Making plans is difficult when you are in limbo, though.

It is not even the end of January, and already I have the following events coming up this year that I’m interested in:  Tripping Daisy reunion show in Dallas, Old 97s and Lucinda Williams (!) in Dallas, The Toadies at The Temple after a Rangers game (already taken care of – kind of), The Pixies (bucket list band, but I’ll have to see them in Austin because they play in Dallas the same night as the Toadies), Duran Duran, a Denver trip, a trip to Rhode Island in July to celebrate mom’s birthday, and general chicanery.

So, with the exception of the Toadies show, I have put off making plans for any of those other items because I wasn’t sure if I was planning for one or two people.  And even the Toadies show allows for someone else because there is an extra “ticket” to be had.

Ten million good reasons against
The mountain, the light bulb, and the lake

(That little couplet above is as endearingly weird as the band’s name. Not just “reasons”, mind you.  But “good” ones.)

I am no longer in limbo.  Option “a” once again applies, and I intend to make the most of it.  I’m not putting off plans anymore. There are no more excuses.

So what do you say?  Wanna make some plans?

To loosen your lips ’cause you’re talking rubbish
To loosen your whole mistaken tenfold
Let’s make some plans
– “Let’s Make Some Plans”, Close Lobsters






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