Thinking About You

Been thinking about you, and there’s no rest

Hi, mom.

You won’t believe what happened today.  Chuck Morgan – you know, the voice of The Rangers at the ballpark? – contacted me.  Actually, he tracked me down, and that is a lot more impressive.  And unfathomable.  So perhaps I should just start at the beginning.

A couple of days ago I saw a schedule for the upcoming Texas Rangers season and all the promotions that were planned.  Well, you know how I love bobbleheads.  So I noted that there were four bobblehead nights on the slate, and the first one is on April 29 – Adrian Beltre “dancing legs” bobblehead night.  How cool is that?

But – and get THIS – even cooler is that The Toadies are playing a concert on the field after the game.  The Toadies, mom!  Remember that song “Tyler”?  You loved that song (until you found out it was about a serial rapist or somesuch).

Anyway, I immediately began making plans to go to this game (against the hated Angels, if that matters).  I started to get the good strong P1s together to make an outing of this event.  Baseball and The Toadies.  It’s perfect.

Devin was the first to commit, by the way.  Yeah, I know – he can be flaky (because he has a social calendar that would make public officials piss their pants), but I also know that you love him.  Others quickly came on board.  And then I panicked.

I have never seen a concert at the Temple because the bands never interested me before.  So I had no idea where I should sit for the game in order to have the best view of the show afterward.  Where does the band set up?  No clue.

So I went to the experts.  The readers/commenters on Lone Star Ball.  That is a Rangers fan site that I enjoy.  I rarely comment there, but on this day I did because I was wondering if anyone had seen a postgame concert at the Temple, and if so, where the best place to purchase tickets is.  (I’m not happy with the phrasing of that last sentence, but just roll with it.)

It really was an innocuous comment, mom.  Although I did end it with something like “I’m looking at you, Chuck Morgan”.  It was meant as a little nod to him – a thank you for booking a good band and not the same country spares they had been rolling out there.  I wasn’t trying to get something for nothing, just a little information.  Honest.

Well, this afternoon I got a notification that one Chuck Morgan began following me on Twitter. He did that not because he was interested in my stupid jokes, but because it was the only way he could send me a Direct Message.

Yeah, he slid into the DMs.  But don’t worry, mom.  He didn’t get creepy or anything.

Here is a little more background that might be pertinent:  My Twitter “name” is Austin Leemer.  I started that account when I lived in Austin, and my nickname is Leemer, so it seemed appropriate at the time.  Second, the name I use to comment on Lone Star Ball is Leemer.

And Chuck used all that to find me somehow. I mean, purposefully seek me out.

I guess he searched his 16.3K Twitter followers and found a Leemer?  I thought that was impressive as hell, but now that I actually type it, it seems more so.  To go back to a word I used at the beginning of this entry, it is unfathomable.

So his message asked if I was Leemer from Lone Star Ball.  And he gave me his email address (probably not a big deal because I’ll bet it is on the Rangers website) and asked me to email him so he could “help” me with this game.

I thought he would just give me pointers on the best sections to see the postgame concert.  But, no – he had something else in mind.  Maybe when he found me on Twitter he saw my “pinned” Tweet.  (I’m about to get all Twitter technical here, mom.  Bear with me. Remember that I’m the one who taught you how to get around on Facebook, after all.  You can do this.)  Anyway, the “pinned tweet” is the tweet that always appears at the top of my page when someone views it.  And here is mine:


So I guess he pegged me for the true fan that you raised me to be?

(By the way, that’s a pretty good Tweet, right?  Come on, mom – I see you trying not to laugh.  Just let it out.)

Oh!  Before I get to Chuck’s generosity, I need to tell you that I had already talked to both Bob and Glenn about this game and we all planned on attending together.  That’s right – another Brother Day.

And then I got this email from Mr. Morgan:

I saw your tweet and your post on Lone Star Ball.   Several of us get a list of acts for post game concerts…We have worn out some country acts, I liked the idea of The Toadies and others bought into it.

On your post, the Home Run Porch is not a great place to watch the concert…, let’s do this.    Why don’t you be my guest at the Saturday April 29th game?    4 good tickets in the lower bowl….free Valet Parking….I will be glad to help you out.

I mean, really?  Does any other major league baseball team out there do stuff like this?  I still can’t believe it. (And I doubt this happens with other teams, though I’d love to be wrong.)  All I did was ask a question about the best place to sit, and this happens?

He also added this:

Thanks for the nice comments and your support of the Rangers, exactly why you deserve to see the ballgame and The Toadies in a good seat.

And then, as our communication continued, he threw out this little nugget:

Just remember to keep me in the loop and I will get you taken care of…….let me know if Devin has tickets to this game….he secretly bought me a breakfast one morning at Cracker Barrel, I owe him one.

Further proof that Devin is my real life Forrest Gump.

It was a surreal day, mom – one I wish you could have been here (physically) for.  But we will have you in our thoughts, as always.  And don’t worry – we will hold our lighters high when The Toadies play Possum Kingdom.



All the things you got,
All the things you need
Who bought you cigarettes,
Who bribed the company to come and see you, honey

– Radiohead, “Thinking About You”




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