The Boys Are Back

Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed boys that had been away
Haven’t changed that much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy

It’s not often I have to set my alarm to roust me at 5am on a Sunday morning. It’s also not often that I have plans to go out of town – not to mention out of state, out of the Texas time zone – with two of my brothers. And since we are already at the “this has never happened before” point, I’ll go ahead and add that the three of us were meeting up with our other two siblings in Rhode Island, both of whom were scheduled to arrive in New England a day before us.

One paragraph in, and paradigms are already shifting.

So many things could have gone wrong that Sunday morning. One of us (Bob, Glenn, or myself) could have overslept. That didn’t happen. The weather sucked, so our flight could have been delayed. And that didn’t happen, either. And I guess the plane could have crashed somewhere over Ohio, but we managed to land safely (and a little ahead of schedule) in Boston without any issue at all.

Not to mention that I went about seven hours without a cigarette on this day and I never even got testy. The Nicorette lozenges I bought for the flight never got opened, and honestly, never even considered.

All of our luggage arrived with our flight (it might seem odd to point that out, but twice I have had to have my luggage delivered to me because it arrived on a later flight), and though my luggage and Bob’s luggage were damp (how? no idea), we were able to gather our baggage about five minutes after landing in Boston. That has to be a record.

The shuttle to the rental car place? Right outside and convenient.

The rental car place? I guess that process went ok. While Bob and Glenn were securing the vehicle, I was finally catching up on smoking. So if there were any issues, I was blissfully unaware. But I don’t think there were any.

The exit of the rental car building led us directly to the highway we needed to be on to begin our travels south to Rhode Island. From that highway, we had to make only one exit to get on the other highway that took us straight to the exit for my hotel.

My check in was flawless and quick. After my brothers dropped me off at my door, they headed to our aunt and uncle’s house where they are staying. I ordered pizza for dinner, and it arrived on time and was tasty. Bob and Glenn had home cooked chicken parmesan. We all won.

Travel is always tricky business. But if the only bad things I can say about this day were that New England radio is way too in love with Journey, Boston, and Van Halen (we’ve already heard “Panama” twice!) and that my interent in the hotel sucks, then I’d say that it was a pretty good little travel day. Pretty good little travel day.

We also laughed – a lot – all day long. Hell, even the little kids we were eying warily in the airport (“I hope they aren’t on our flight”) were damn near model citizens on our plane. And they were on the row directly in front of us.

No travel day goes this well, right?

Well this one did. So I’m sorry if the beginning to this story is boring, but this is just the intro. Yet it is now two days later and nothing bad has happened. Quite the contrary, actually. However, I promise to make the remaining memoirs of this trip entertaining to read.

I have not been to New England, the place of my birth, since 1984 (after moving to Texas in 1975). The same is true for Glenn, and I’m not sure about Bob. But I do know it has been forever for him, too.

It’s just too bad that it took our mom’s passing to get us here.

Spread the word around
Guess who’s back in town…



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