The Wallet

I can’t remember the date, but it was about 3 years ago.  Maybe 3 1/2.  My life has had a lot of lows, but what I am about to talk about was probably the lowest of the lows.  So far.

I was jobless, basically homeless, and all I had in my wallet was a two dollar bill that some teller chick at Wells Fargo gave me as a joke a year before.  I saw her every two weeks for a while, and one time she inserted that Jefferson in my “cash back” as a joke.  We decided it was my Lucky $2 Bill.

Every time I was tempted to spend it, my mom would reprimand me.  “No, you need to hold on to that.”  Hey, mom – it’s two bucks, I would think.

My mom was even calling that piece of paper my Lucky $2 Bill.  Was she in cahoots with the Wells Fargo chick, even though they didn’t know each other and they were also separated by ab0ut 180 miles?

The time between visiting that Wells Fargo and now has been interesting, to say the least.  There were many, many times that the only money I had to my name was that damned $2 Bill.  I’m not ashamed to say that, by the way.  It happens to people far better than me.

By now you have probably deduced that I still have that $2 Bill.  And you would be correct.  It’s lucky, after all.

About 6 (or 9?) months ago, I was given a new wallet.

Pete (the father of my friend/roommate/business partner) bought one for me.  For no reason other than “why the Hell not?”

He had no reason to think I needed a wallet. And I didn’t, even though things were a far cry better for me financially than they were just a few short years before. (But not enough to merit a new wallet.)

By the way, do you know what that’s like?  To be accepted as family, even though you don’t feel like you deserve it because of your own issues?

Pete saw the wallet and he wanted to buy it for me.

That wallet has been in the top drawer of the desk I use for work ever since he gave it to me.  He was suffering (probably not the right word – he was a tough SOB) from cancer at the time of this unexpected gift.  I placed it in the desk drawer with the thought that I would start using the wallet he gave me when he passed away.

I didn’t think I would have to swap wallets for a few years.

I was wrong.

So now I’ll have a nice, new wallet with a well traveled $2 Bill in it.  Two inspirations. Coincidence?

Thanks, Pete, for always treating me like family.




5 thoughts on “The Wallet

  1. Kathy Orahood

    Thank you for this nice story of my father, I am happy that he did that for you. Enjoy your new wallet with your lucky $2.00 bill inside it, nice wallet indeed. Kat

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