No Regrets (2016)

On this date in 1939, she was born.

When you’re sitting in your sitting room
With all your books and pens
On a sofa, legs and fingers crossed
With all your husband’s friends
It isn’t easy

On this date in 2016, she has 5 children and 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

When you’re standing in your kitchen
Elbow deep in pots and pans
Do you wonder what’s become
Of all your hopes
Your dreams
Your plans

And when I hear the song I’m quoting above in italics, it ALWAYS remind me of mom.  I mean, I know she was going to nursing school until she started having kids.  So did she ever wonder about her hopes?  Her dreams?  Her plans?

I’m going to guess that the offspring numbers stated earlier are all she care about starting around 1960.

When you’re sitting in your widows weeds
And quitting cigarettes
Do you wonder what you’re gonna do
When everyone forgets
All the clothes you washed
And food you cooked
And hair up in barrettes
It wasn’t easy

It’s never easy, mom.  And it’s a testament to you that you made it look like it was.

Happy birthday.  I love you and miss you.

(Song lyrics are from “No Regrets” by Dramarama.)


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