Gimme Me Back My Dog (2016)

I swear, earlier today I thought about writing about my dog Bodie.  Here is what happened that led me to that thought:

He was being a shithead.  I mean, he expects a treat every time I go to the bathroom?  And when he doesn’t get one, he shuns me?  I’m not talking about the typical dog moping cold shoulder, either.  I’m talking about full on Amish shunning.

So I thought back to his adoption day.  My (then) wife had been keeping her eye out for a dog since we had just moved from an apartment to a house.  I was not really excited about the prospect because we were still getting our bearings in Austin and a dog would be a distraction.

Then the day came when she said we had to go to the Georgetown shelter because a dog just became available, and she was worried he would be gone quickly.  I see the photo online and I think to myself “What a little pansy of a dog”.  Hell, who knows.  I might have even said something similar out loud.

Well, we show up at the shelter and they kind of prep us for this little shit our visit.  They guessed that he was around 3 years old, that he is part lhasa apso and part shitzu, and that when they picked him up he was “running around” with a big, black lab.

Finally, while we were in a courtyard type area, someone leads him out to us.  My first impression is “lap dog”, and I had never really considered “owning” one of those types of dog.  My second thought was that he was completely unresponsive to any and all efforts we made to connect with him.  Thus, he was telegraphing the fact that he was not going to be available to us.

But then he did something.  He walked over to me and laid at my feet, facing outward, like he was comfortable there and was kind of looking out for me, scanning the horizon.

I was sucked in then.  We gave him the name Bodie because we had recently seen The BoDeans at SXSW.  And it seemed to fit.

That was 8 years ago, almost to the month, and he’s still looking out for me.  (Except during thunderstorms.  Then I’m looking out for him.)

And Bodie has had many dog friends in his life with me, but I always felt that there was one that meant more to him than the others.  One that was a gentle, sweet dog and also much bigger than Bodes.  And who also happened to be a black lab.

Goodbye, Kirby.  Thank you for not only being a friend to your humans, but to my little guy, as well.

kirby and oreo

So come on girl, you gotta give me some credit
It was mine before you’d go get it
And pet it, and let it run
When you threw the damn thing its ball

– Slobberbone, “Gimme Back My Dog”


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