24 Frames–My 2015 In Review

I used to write about 4 times per week, and now I’m really banging at the keyboard if I write 4 times a year.  Gone are staples of the past, such as my yearly letter to Santa, my Typed While Watching (The Super Bowl, Emmys, Oscars, etc.), and funny stories about what happened during everyday life.  It’s odd to think that I had more time for writing then, especially considering that I actually left the house for work, was married (twice during the life of my blogs), and had a pretty active social life.

Now, I work from home and rarely go out, yet somehow find far less time for writing.  In the past, something would strike me as potentially funny or entertaining and I would somehow craft several hundred words about it.  For example, today I posted this on Facebook:  Maybe it’s just me, but I think Young MC way oversimplifies the vagaries of dating in “Bust a Move”.  That would have turned into an entire entry with jokes about a bunch of songs on whatever playlist I was listening to, but those days seem to have past me by.  (Though I have an observation about the Kinks that I will post on Facebook at a time of my choosing.)

This entry, though, is one that I cannot let slip through the cracks.  This tradition must remain, and I’ll try to stick to the format I have used for years past, but I’m going to try my best to go in chronological order.  No promises.

This is how you make yourself call your mother
And this is how you make yourself closer to your brother

Moments to Remember:  Dive barring at the Happy Armadillo and dancing with a grandmother while there, “Dez caught it”, karaoke at John B’s in Pantego, my friend Cliff releasing his (awesome) book, the arrival of the Ovation, lots of snow, my continuing crush on Courtney Barnett, record rainfall that never seemed to end, feeling my first earthquake, taking mom’s annual tea party photo, far too infrequent meet ups with Kevin and Jason, the Round Rock roadtrip to get a Willie Nelson bobblehead, the ensuing bar hopping in downtown RR with old friends just like we used to, buying the Jeep (no payments!), my only weekend off of the year well spent in Dripping Springs, karaoke at Yupp’s with Devin when we nailed “Feeling That Way”, Petty Theft with Psycho Dave and Peggy, and sprucing up the office garage.

You thought God was an architect, now you know
He’s something like a pipe bomb ready to blow

Rangers Specific Moments (good and bad): The Yu Darvish injury that allegedly ended the season before it started, the Derek Holland injury in the home opener that just added to that pessimism.  Beltre HR #400. Beltre and Choo cycles. The return of Rougned Odor. The awakening of Choo. The Jeff Banister finger wag in Houston. Cole Hamels, man. The near no-hitter by Colby Lewis. The 4 game sweep of the Astros in September. Finally going to a game and seeing “the catch” by Drew Stubbs on a liner from the bat of Ian Kinsler. Winning the first two games against Toronto in the ALDS. Odor scoring when a throw to the pitcher hit Choo’s bat. The beer bottle bombardment. Elvis’ brain fart inning. That fucking bat flip. Benches clearing that will most likely continue into 2016.

This is how you see yourself floating on the ceiling
And this is how you help her when her heart stops beating

Moments to Forget: The above two lines pretty much sum this category up. All other negative items pale in comparison.

This is how you talk to her when no one else is listening
And this is how you help her when the muse goes missing

You Will Be Missed:  B.B. King, Christopher Lee, Moses Malone, Yogi Berra, Scott Weiland, Lemmy, Natalie Cole, Stuart Scott, Frank Gifford, Leonard Nimoy, and Wes Craven.

Special You Will Be Missed:  Rick Martindale. Crissy Underwood.  And, of course, mom.

And everything you built that’s all for show goes up in flames
In 24 frames

Mom Leeming

You thought God was an architect, now you know
He’s sitting in a black car ready to go
You made some new friends after the show
But you’ll forget their names
In 24 frames

– Jason Isbell, “24 Frames”


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