Losing My Religion

I hate politics, and I hate them/it even more when foisted upon me for no discernible reason.

Life. It’s bigger. Bigger than you, and you are not me. – The GREAT Michael Stipe of R.E.M.

I really shouldn’t have let myself get fired up about a post from one of my Facebook friends with an inflammatory (no pun intended) headline, but I did.  Right place, right time? Or wrong place, wrong time? Either could apply.  I was biting my tongue because the post (well, the headline) was politically charged and I take great pains to stay out of that realm on what I think should be a fun place to kill a few minutes.

In other words, if you go to Facebook to learn that “Denali” is Kenyan for “black power” then you are using Facebook wrong. First, Facebook is the most casual of hook-up sites and a place to take pictures of your lunch.  Second, there is no such language as Kenyan.

See?  I’m already straying from my point. And my point is this:  I was confronted with this headline on my Facebook news feed because it was posted by a “friend”.

“Bruce Willis Shames Hollywood Liberals With Epic Gift to 500 Exhausted Firefighters”

Do you want to read the entire article?  You can find it here. I read the article.  There are a lot of quotes from Bruce Willis, but none of them even hint that his motivation behind helping firefighters was to stick it to the liberals.  To me, and I must be extremely stupid, it sounds like Willis was just trying to do something nice for the people who were trying to protect people and property.

But someone felt the need to imply that the reason for the generosity of Willis was not because he is a good guy, but because he wanted to “shame Hollywood liberals”.  If you think about it, that headline implies that Willis doesn’t care about the firefighters but only wanted to make a statement to “the left”.

If I were Bruce Willis, I’d be pissed.  Try to do something nice and someone attaches what might be completely fabricated motives to it?  I don’t get it.  I just don’t get it.  (For fun, here is a link to a different article about Bruce’s largess that takes no political slant at all.  Wasn’t hard to find, and it is from an Idaho outlet.)

Ok.  Now it is time for me to open up so people know where I sit on the political barometer.  My liberal friends think I am on their side. My conservative friends think the same. My real friends know it is much more complicated than that, so let’s have some fun with some hot button topics:

ObamaCare:  Don’t like it.  The idea is nice, but it seems too rushed.  This country is run by Big Pharm anyway.  As far as I know, we are the only country that runs TV commercials to promote potential maladies.

Donald Trump:  He is exactly what we deserve.  We asked for it, and this thing is picking up steam.  If you have not seen the movie “Idiocracy”, do it now.  The House of Representin’ is pretty damned close to becoming reality.

Planned Parenthood:  The right-to-lifers unfairly (and extremely so) characterize Planned Parenthood as an abortion factory.  Nothing could be further from the truth to anyone willing to look into the history and statistics of that organization which has been a saving grace to countless women.

Flat tax:  This makes so much sense that I cannot believe there has not been enough groundswell around it to make it happen.  That accountant’s union must be extremely powerful.

Welfare/Food Stamps:  This is huge and there is no good answer out there right now.  There are a ton of good ideas that might make a dent in this predicament, but they all sound so invasive and costly.  Drug tests, perhaps?  For it.  How about pairing this problem with Planned Parenthood?  If you want food stamps, you’ve got to be on a contraceptive.

Contraceptive?  Oops.  That does not comply with the teaching of the Catholic Church.  But wasn’t this country founded on the basis of religious freedom?  (Hint: Yes, it was.) Here is a snippet of The Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

So Kentucky woman refusing to give marriage licenses to homosexual couples because of your “religious beliefs”?  I hope your current moment of fame lasts longer than your three previous marriages.  Your third husband who fathered two of your children that were adopted by your second husband even though you gave birth while married to your first husband must be wondering what the Hell he deserved to get dragged into this.

LGBT bashing, immigrant bashing (damn! just realized that I didn’t even spend time on my Mexican brothers and sisters and it is late), Muslim bashing…  I cannot believe that people don’t realize that we Americans are becoming fragmented and compartmentalized of our own volition.  We want to be around people with like ideas.  And you know what?  That’s completely ok.

Equally ok is to accept others in this country who are looking to better their lives.  They may not have the same religion as you, or the same skin tone, but if you give them a chance?  You might just have a friend for life.  I have friends that lean to the left and friends that lean to the right.  I even have friends that sit down, stand up, and fight fight fight!  (Sorry for that high school cheer moment.)

Me?  I’ll sit here in the middle wondering why everyone is fighting.


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