2014: You Were There

This used to be a yearly tradition for me, but I realized I did not do one for 2013.  But a blog post by my friend Derek reminded me that this used to kind of be “my thing” (not intentionally), so I decided to dust the rust off the keyboard and and write about 2014 because it actually kind of kicked ass for me.  I’ll keep to the familiar format that I have used since way back in the day that I was using on Upsaid dot com when my blog actually had quite a few readers:

Moments to Remember:  Moving back to my hometown.  Trivia nights at Dalton’s Corner before work got too busy.  Work getting too busy (it’s a good thing).  Hanging with old friends at Fresco’s, both early in the year and much later.  Taking my Austin family – Barrett and Mindy – to Billy Bob’s for a concert and the bonus of free drinks, bull riding, and a grand tour.  #Ragonk.  Hanging with the P1s a few times – once at Redneck Heaven (and the biker bar later in the evening), once at Twilite Lounge, and once here at the house in Burleson.  Meeting the great Jonah Keri (even if Paranoid Fan never emailed me the pics of our meeting).  The 15 minutes of fame for myself, this blog, and Peggy thanks to a tweet I sent out after a Ranger game we went to on their first homestand.  Yahoo! actually wrote about my tweet and excerpted this blog, Keith Olbermann used Peggy’s photo on his television show, and the Dallas Morning News even got involved by posting my tweet on their website.  Live music at the Pig In in November.  Being able to actually afford Christmas presents.

Moments to Forget:  I’m going to take the easy way out here and say the months of January through March, but with hindsight being 20/20, I realize those months of struggling made the rest of the year that much more rewarding.  The domestic violence argument that fractured am online community I was affiliated with.  (For the record, still not funny.  and it did get me a shout out from the mayor of my city who also happens to volunteer at a center to help those who are victims of domestic violence.)  A good friend passing away much, much too early.

Concerts:  Two words – Bob Schneider.  Peggy and I recently tried to count how many times we have seen him this year, and I’m still not sure of the accurate number.  We saw him at Billy Bob’s (at least once), Fort Worth Main St Arts Festival, the Arlington summer concert series, and at Shipping & Receiving.  I’m pretty sure that’s it.

You Will Be Missed:  (As usual, this is not an all inclusive list.  These are the ones that affect me the most.)  Philip Seymour Hoffman, Harold Ramis, Mickey Rooney, Bob Hoskins, Maya Angelou, Casey Kasem (this is pure gold), James Garner, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers, Jan Hooks, and Joe Cocker.

Very Special “You Will Be Missed”:  I hate that we are now living in a world without Robin Williams.  For a guy who burst onto the scene playing an alien in a TV sitcom, he could have been type-casted for the rest of his career.  But, damn, he showed range.  Mork, crazed killer on Law and Order: SVU, creepy roles in One Hour Photo and Insomnia, crazy guy in The Fisher King, etc.  But to me, personally, his best performances were in Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting – especially the latter.  After his passing, I spent the better part of a day watching clips of that movie on YouTube.  “It’s not your fault, Will.”  Goosebumps.  It’s not your fault, Robin.

Personal “You Will Be Missed”:  Terry Withers.  Wrote about it.  Still think about it.  Still sucks.

Moments To Look Forward To In 2015:  Tomorrow.  There is always tomorrow.  Until there isn’t.  Embrace the day and do nice things, the right things.


One thought on “2014: You Were There

  1. I’m glad you put Jan Hooks in your list. She was underrated. One of those people that made the scaffolding to make others seem taller.

    I rewatched Good Will Hunting this summer. An amazing movie. People complain that Williams’ acting is transparent and treacly, but aside from Patch Adams, no. We are so surrounded by affectation that when someone inhabits a character without effort, it doesn’t match up with our jaded anticipation. He was the kind, failed therapist hiding out in community college. It was earnest for me. I’m sorry he’s gone.

    Thanks for doing this, ten years of it. There is nowhere to go but forward, and that’s fine.

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