Big Bulls and Bob Schneider

Saturday night had all the makings of a disaster. My best friend and his wife were coming up to my town from Austin because I had secured free (VIP) entry to Billy Bob’s Texas to see Bob Schneider play. However, the guy I know there that arranged things was going to be out of town that night, so he told me to ask for someone named Marty. It turns out that I should have never doubted my friend, as Marty was beyond awesome.

Marty met us at the VIP entrance and the first thing he did was usher us to a bar to say the first drink of the night was on him. Bear, Angel, and myself opted for Lone Stars. The three women went with some sort of vodka drink with cucumber and Serrano peppers. (Two of the three women liked that taste. In fact, one sought out that very vodka and now has a bottle at home.)

From there, it was on to the guitar room – and that is where my pants went crazy. It originally started out with only acoustic guitars signed by the artists who left them behind, but Marty eventually made a wall of electric guitars, too. Oh – and this was also the room where the fight scene in the film “Necessary Roughness” was filmed. We browsed this area for about 10 minutes before Marty ushered us to the next step of this totally unplanned tour: bull riding.

“You have to see it from up here”, he said. We reached a set of stairs and he told the guy holding down the fort that he had “some VIPs that need to get up top”. It was about 45 minutes until Bob was scheduled to take the stage, so what else did we have to do? And that is how we found ourselves looking down on these brave em effers getting on angry bulls. (Still can’t believe Angel didn’t get a pic of the chick in the grandstand in the black dress.)

I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching the bull riding. I’m the opposite of a cowboy, despite living in Texas since 1975, but I really enjoyed this event. Those are some tough SOBs that ride those beasts.

At around 10:15pm, we started to make our way to the main stage to see Bob. We got in with no problem and were seated at a table close to the center of the stage. And I’m not going to tell the back story here, but just know that Bob knew we were there and kept throwing smiles at our table during the entire show.

Oh – and the show. This might have been the best Bob show I have ever been to. I first saw him in the mid 90s as he sat in a metal folding chair on a corner in downtown Fort Worth during one of the Main St Arts Festivals. I saw him this year playing on one of the main stages at the same event. In total, I think I have seen him in concert 6 times? Maybe 8? But that is not pertinent. What is pertinent is that this was the best live show of his I have ever attended.

Here is a sample. <<< Click that link. Trust me.

Best weekend ever.



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