(Originally posted at 12:54 on 10-13-05, hence the title of the entry.  Those who know me also know that all my entries are song titles.  Usually I include snippets of the lyrics somehow, but not on this one.  I just chose a song title that kind of fit.  Thank you, Pearl Jam.)

My iTunes project is moving along smoothly… kind of. I used the “Show duplicate songs” option to clear my hard drive of wasted space, but I also noticed that the feature missed several because of small differences in the way the title (or artist) was originally keyed in. So I re-sorted my library to list all the songs in alphabetical order, rather than grouped by artist.

And, swimming through my MP3 collection this way, I began to notice some oddities. That is why I am writing this now…

  • I have nine songs that start with the word ‘Heaven’, and only one that starts with the word ‘Hell’. And I had no idea that I had Buffalo Tom (greatness) covering The Psychedelic Furs’ song ‘Heaven’. To juxtapose, I do have ‘Highway To Hell’ (the Phish version) and ‘I’ll Be Damned’ by Slobberbone.
  • I have three songs titled ‘Hallelujah’. Two are the same song done by different people (Rufus Wainwright does a great piano-themed rendition while Jeff Buckley opts for a subtle guitar version).
  • I saw a comment by a guy on Bonnie’s blog that said “I know you always overlook number three…”
  • Song title I would love to use as a blog entry title but will never figure out how? “Hey, Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me” by Pearl Jam.
  • Can you tell I started writing this while in the H’s? I started sending Jessica IMs regarding all of the above. Then I decided to put it all on here, too. (Prediction: This will be one of those entries that my mom glances at for a second and then disregards because she feels lost. So if you want to get really vulgar in the comment section, now is the time.)
  • Four consecutive songs: ‘Goodnight’, ‘Goodnight, Elisabeth’, ‘Goodnight, L.A.’, and ‘Goodnight, Saigon’. And two of those songs are Counting Crows numbers. (That is the note that started all this.)
  • Suddenly, I feel like Norm Hitzges on draft day. Any draft day. The few who get that joke will like it.
  • “I’ll Sink Manhattan” and “First, We Take Manhattan”. I have them both, the latter being the REM cover of Leonard Cohen’s song.
  • 31 of my MP3s start with the word “I’m”. I will guess than only “The” tops that. Favorite of the “I’m” songs? “I’m Allowed” by Buffalo Tom. Honorable mentions to “I’m the Man Who Murdered Love” (XTC), “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” (Johnny Cash), and “I’m In Love With My Car” (Queen).
  • Whoops. I’d like to take back my above prediction. “I” seems to be FAR more popular than “I’m”.
  • I have “I Feel Fine” and “I Feel Good”. And then there is my buddy Ray’s song: “I Feel Pretty Good”. Way to commit, dude…
  • So… what do I want? Well, based on my song library, I wanna be adored. I wanna be sedated. I wanna be your dog. To stay home. To talk about me. I want everything – I want out of the circus, to be the boy, to break free, to die a beautiful death, to hold your hand. I want you bad, and I want you to want me. But, in the end, I wanted to be wrong…
  • Five songs that start with ‘Jesus’. He doesn’t want me for a sunbeam, but he did write a blank check. And he is of suburbia, but also on the radio. And Wilco gave up: “Jesus, etc.”
  • I did it. I saw “Jessie’s Girl” in my library and had to play it. Then I had to pick up my six stringed buddy. And now I know it. Look for me in a cover band soon, because we all know that song is a prerequisite.
  • George Carlin has a bit he does about license plates and the phrases placed on them by the states that they are made in. He said New Jersey and Idaho represent the opposite ends of the spectrum: “Live free or die” and “Famous potatoes”. Well, the alphabetical order equivalent of that, in regards to my MP3 collection, might have to be The Clash imploring me to “Know Your Rights” while The Shins beg for me to “Know Your Onion!” (And, yes, the exclamation point is in the title.)

Ok… I am going to stop now. I do, however, reserve the right to pick this thread back up when I resume my organizing. Unless you folks don’t find this as entertaining as I do. In that case, I’ll just keep it in the IM conversations and you’ll be left out…


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