2012 – The Year That Sucked For About 99% Of Us

My dog just burped, and that distracted me for a bit.  He never does that.  But, come to think of it, that is probably as fitting of a punctuation mark that can be put on the year 2012.

I was toying with changing up the way I write this yearly recap, but at the last minute I have decided to stick to my usual, non-conventional form.  So here we go.

Moments to Remember:  The greatest birthday weekend I can recall, complete with a visit to a biker bar where we wore out the jukebox and I got my ass kicked at pool.  (Thanks, A.)  Doing a very small part for tornado victims in Arlington by packing lunches, thanks to a generous donation by Kroger.  Playing guitar at the Stumbo’s house with Little Phil.  The first three months at what was then my new job, when everything looked like it was about to be “right” again.  Any time Barrett and I had a beer (or several) together.  Ok – any time spent with my Austin family the Masons.  Helping to build a deck, and learning quite a bit about carpentry during the process.  Sam’s Boat nights with friends:  Barrett, Marla, Kelly, and Dirk.  (No, not that Dirk.)  Having grocery money.  That was huge.  Finding out that Jan and Phil’s kids started calling the spare bedroom – with the awesome king sized bed – Uncle John’s room.  Seeing my family in July and December.  Mailing off the divorce papers.  Getting a guitar for Christmas, and the Facebook conversations that inspired.  Rangers game with Barrett, Devin, Manda, Marty, and Stacy.  The Adrian Beltre jersey Barrett bought me when business was good and only getting better.   Pig In weekend.

Moments to Forget:  Attempting to quit my job in January, and being talked out of it because I was assured things would change.  Being hounded by my friends/contacts over the following 3 months asking why they haven’t been paid.  Having absolutely no control over that.  Leaving that job because of my principles, only to be told by my dad that I was “one step away from being homeless”.  Still am, by the way.  Thanks for the advice, dad.  The broken thumb.  Being broke.  The client we worked for (at my new job) losing a major contract which effectively put an end to our grand plans.  Not to mention my paycheck.  Plus, it also put a lot of my friends out of work via the dreaded layoff.

(Wow.  A quick glance at the two paragraphs above might lead one to believe that 2012 was pretty awesome.  But most of the items in the plus column were one or two day things, while the negative items lasted for weeks upon weeks.)

Concerts:  Oddly, I saw a lot this year thanks to the Masons making me get my ass out every now and then.  Ben Kweller, Rhett Miller, and Bob Schneider come to mind.  Bonus?  I did not have to drive to any of them.

You Will Be Missed:  (Time for the normal disclaimer that this is my list.)  Dave Brubeck, Gary Carter, Dick Clark, Don Cornelius, Richard Dawson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Nora Ephron, Andy Griffith, Larry Hagman, Sherman Hemsley, Etta James, Davy Jones, Alex Karras, Rodney King, MCA, Ronnie Montrose, Sally Ride (and this will sound heartless, but please take that song with you), Junior Seau, Ravi Shankar.

Very Special “You Will Be Missed”:  George.  It’s not often I have to include a personal friend on this list, and I’m thankful for that.  And I am also thankful for having known George.

Things To Look Forward To In 2013:  A roof over my head?  A respectable, decent paying job?  A new (used) car?  A trip to California in the summer to hike Half Dome with my friend Drew for his 50th birthday?  Something?  Anything?  I mean, c’mon.  It cannot possibly get any worse.  Oh – wait.  The house of my Austin family caught on fire today and is totally unlivable?  Yeah, it can get worse.  But there are 351 days to make that up.

What a rousing start, huh?


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