Santa 2012

This is a yearly tradition, but this one will be a bit different.  So let’s get on with my Letter Text Messages to Santa.


Me:  U awake?

Santa:  Yes, u dumbass.  Always busy in Dec.

Me:  Sorry abt that pic I sent.  Was meant for Sandra.

Santa:  K.  Mrs Claus enjoyed it.

Me:  So abt my list this year…

Santa:  NSFW [Image attached]

Santa:  Shit!  That was for John Leguizamo.  Sorry

Me:  No worries.  Now I know why u say ho ho ho

Santa:  So, abt your list.  Sweet bottoms?

Me:  Damn auto correct.  I was telling u that my mom wanted to buy me sweat bottoms.

Santa:  Too late to take it back now, son.

Santa:  I hope u like junk in the trunk.

Me:  It’s been a rough year.

Santa:  I know.  Been watching.

Santa:  U always seem to land on ur feet tho.

Santa:  Ur friends are amazing.

Me:  Felt like I landed on my ass this year.

Santa:  Ur brother said he has always envied that u have great friends.

Me:  Slow down.  I think we have overlapping texts now.

Me:  I think I’m finally abt to be on my feet for sure.  Leggins.

Me:  *Legit.  Auto correct.  Eff.

Santa:  I feel gd about that phone call u got last nite.

Me:  U know abt that?

Santa:  Merry Christmas.

Me:  🙂


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