People Are People

People.  That word has never looked funny to me until now.

Now, it looks like it should be pronounced as “pee-opal”.  And “people” think Chinese is hard to read or write.  Dumb shits.

“So we’re different colours, and we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs”

Just when I am about to give up on hope for mankind, there is someone (or some pee-opal) that makes me change my mind.  Sure, we all have pee-opal close to us that we consider above the fray.  It’s just those other assholes that ruin everything.  Or do they?

I think those assholes make us appreciate others as they should be appreciated.

We all get to choose who we hang out with, work for, coplulate with, drink with, smoke with, eat dinner or breakfast with, camp with, swim with, talk with, or (insert verb here) with.  If pee-opal we are around piss us off, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Of course, we could always blame circumstances that require us to be around pee-opal that we would normally not give the time of day to.  (What a stupid saying, by the way.  “The time of day.”  Like there is any other time?  We never say “the time of night” or “the time of morning”.  But we do say “this time of mourning”.  So, um…)

“It’s obvious you hate me, though I’ve done nothing wrong
I’ve never even met you, so what could I have done?”

So I’m going to score this entry as the worst I have ever done.  It sounded good in my head, and I had a clear path laid out when I started writing it, but Lone Star got the best of me.  If I were in a different mood, I’d say I got the best of Lone Star.

So, in closing, let me just say that we all have control over who we (insert verb here) with.  A good test is to think of pee-opal you could make a road trip with.  I am lucky because I can think of several folks.

Are you on that list?


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