Television, Television

“Give me tits and politicians.
Give me death and demolition.
Give me glamour and sedition.
Television.” – OK Go, “Television, Television”

(Brief respite from the Las Vegas narrative here.  This started as a Facebook status update, but then I realized it would be too long for that format.)

Things I learned while watching television over the last week or so:

  • Under-cheesing is ruining our country.
  • How to avoid having a grandson with a dog collar.
  • Taking any prescription drug can make you DIE.  But they’re still awesome.
  • Only white guys know how to post videos to Facebook from their phones.
  • (Sorry.  I was late on that previous observation.  It was so 27 seconds ago.)
  • Jumbaco!
  • I’m very confused about how the “silent treatment” is supposed to work.
  • Trucks cannot snowboard (but only if you read the small print).

I probably learned more than that, but I’ll save it for next semester…




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