Route 66

Well if you ever plan to motor west
Just take my way, that’s the highway that’s the best
Get your kicks on Route 66

Day 1 of my new life was pretty uneventful for the most part.  Nate, my dog Bodie, and I headed north on Highway 287 to Amarillo.  From there, we would take Interstate 40 all the way to Kingman, AZ with a planned stop in Albuquerque, NM.  We got really lucky that there was no construction on the way, and were making great time until about 30 miles east of Amarillo.

And that is when the winds hit us, bringing back memories of the Reno adventure.  What is it about road trips to Nevada that bring out the gales?  Aren’t they supposed to bring out the girls?

Nate kept checking the local weather on his iPhone, and he reported that the winds were steady ay 50mph with gusts up to 60mph.  The USS Vegas was getting blown all over the road, thus slowing down our pace.  Once we got to Gallup, NM conditions improved.  The topography contained more hills, so the crazy ass winds did not have a flat plain to roll across and we were able to drive at a more reasonable speed.

I cannot recall what time we arrived in Albuquerque that night.  8pm, maybe?  It was Bodie’s first experience at shitting on rocks – something he would get used to over the following month.  We found a clean, inexpensive hotel room for the night and made a quick beer run to the nearby 7-11.

Back in the room, we sipped our cold ones and watched TV while checking our respective emails and Facebook updates.  Nate worked on getting all the photos from the drive off of his camera, and we relived the extremely boring scenery of the day’s drive.

I told you day 1 was uneventful.  On day 2, there is much more to talk about…


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