2011 (i.e. Single Again)

2011 was a weird year for me.  A soul-searching year.  A time of flux, doubt, anxiety, excitement, and adventure.  Thousands of miles were traveled this past year, only to end up back where I started.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  My lasting impression of the year will be cresting that hill on US-93, with my buddy Nathan and my dog Bodie, looking at the lights of Las Vegas splayed out in front of me.

I remember saying at that moment (to Nathan, not Bodie):  I can’t believe I live here now.

To Bodie, I said “Get used to shitting on rocks instead of grass.”

[I know a lot of you go to Vegas on little junkets.  Weekend trips, etc.  But you most likely fly in.  I flew in once just to change flights.  An do you know what I remember from that little stop-over?  Everyone else on the flight was staring at the Strip, but I was infatuated by the number of baseball fields I could see by the air.  But my convoluted point is, everyone should experience driving into Vegas on 93  from the south – at night – at least once.  It’s magical.]

I could probably fill up this entry with stories of Nate and I and our Vegas adventures.  (Forgetting where we parked was a biggie.  Scary.)  But that would do a disservice to the other 11 months of the year.

So, with that I will segue into the lazy script.  After all, that is what you came here for, right?

Moments to remember:  NYE at The Casa (k2?).  The previously mention drive up US-93.  Seeing Flagstaff (and the snow) for the first time.  Giving $5 to some  dude begging at a casino, and then winning $175 on my next pull.  (Karma, anyone?)  Dripping Springs (’nuff said).  My Texas Rangers in the World Series. Again!  Nights at Quinn’s Bar with the following:  Ben, Rob, Marla, Kelly K, A, Izzy, Posas, and Marcus.  Camping and skinny dipping.  The Mavs winning it all.  Seeing my former step-daughter again.   (She will always be my kiddo.)

Moments to forget:  Driving back to Austin with $12 to my name.  The repo (yeah, that happened).  Game 6 of the World Series.  (Fuck!)  Really?  There were two times the Rangers were one strike away from a  WS championship?  Shit.  SHIT!

Music:  I saw Echo &  the Bunnymen this past year.  Finally.  My singing hero – Ian McCulloch – was smoking cigarettes during the entire show in a non-smoking venue.  Jerk.  (Yeah, I was jealous.)   I also saw some of Austin’s best musicians/singers doing a Pink Floyd tribute show.  Phenomenal.

You will be remembered:  Harry Morgan, Bil Keane, Joe Frazier, Al Davis, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Peter Falk, Betty Ford, Clarence Clemons, Jack Kevorkian, Harmon Killebrew, and the GREAT Andy Rooney.

Things to look forward to in 2012:  I’m done making predictions.  They all fail.  But I have my own ideas for this year.  I just won’t put them in writing.  Yet.

Non Sequiter:  I had something really witty to insert here, but I forgot what it was.  Shit.

Happy 2012, peeps.


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