Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Here are two names you probably would never recognize, but I can almost guarantee you that you’d know their faces: T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz.  They are the “Sonic guys”.  You know, the two dudes who sit in the car in the Sonic commercials while eating their meals, debating all of life’s little idiocracies.  And while I find these ads highly entertaining, a couple of things about them have always bugged me.

First, how are these guys even friends?  They act like they can’t stand each other.  Peter is the guy who is always behind the wheel, while T.J. is the talkative passenger, needling to the point of obsessiveness.  Kick his annoying ass out of the van, already.  Which leads me to my second point.

Why don’t they take their food home?  A lot of the annoyances could easily be avoided if they only did what most people do:  order, pay, receive, and drive home to eat.

And finally, since they do choose to eat in the vehicle, would it be too much to ask for them to lose the seatbelts while eating?

And now for some Sonic quick-hit links, because I know that I have some readers across the pond that have not seen the frustrating genius behind this marketing campaign…

  • Don’t joke about ninjas while at Sonic.  Or ever, for that matter.
  • Perfect example of the annoying ingrate here.
  • This “food math” spot might be my favorite.
  • And here is a compilation of several ads, featuring all the players.  Some bad quality recordings are in there, but it’s still good.
  • Finally, some worldwide recognition.  Evidently, the makers behind the absolutely great movie “Stranger Than Fiction” were Sonic commercial fans because both dudes landed in the movie.  You can actually see them for a second in this trailer, bluetooths (blueteeth?) and all.
  • Little known fact:  Peter Grosz is actually a writer on the “Colbert Report”.

Now, if we hadn’t just pigged out on Chili’s here at the house, I would say some chili cheese tots sound mighty fine about now…

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