Ramping Up For A Music Entry

For reasons you will soon learn, I am working on my personal Top 25 CDs of all time.  I am limiting myself to my formative music years (age 16 +) so you will not see discs like Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or Led Zeppelin’s “II” (yes, that was “II”, not “IV”).

However, as I am wont to do, I started getting rather wordy.  I may end up breaking it up into two entries – the first being 10 to 1 and the second 25 to 11.  I might even add an honorable mention entry, too. Who knows?

The reason for this precursor is to get you ready to click some links.  Each disc I list will have at least one – and probably two or more – link(s) to videos of select songs from the album to accentuate my reasoning.  So if you are really interested, it could be a rather lengthy timewaste for you.

And on this blog, we are all about the timewaste.

The first entry will be posted this afternoon, so stand apprised.

Also, in the vein of full disclosure, I have started another blog that will mirror my music entries on this site.  So point your RSS feed readers to the following address to keep up with future music entries: http://leemermusic.wordpress.com/

Not everything I post on that site will make it on here, so you have been warned.

Curve it around… like a record.


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