Depressing. That’s What It Is.

I remember the first blog I ever wrote for this here interweb thing.  Inspired by a segment on The Ticket, I wrote about the 10 things I can do better than the majority of the population.  I never really thought anyone would read it, much less find it interesting.  It was just an outlet, you know?

Back then, people – at least those that “matter” –  didn’t really have blogs.  But now they are everywhere.  Controlled by publicists, devoid of true meaning and feeling, sanitized lest that someone get offended.


Some of my favorite reads seem to be gone for good.  And, not to call anyone out on the carpet or anything, but I will name some names.

Screw it.  I’ll name just one.


The economy is bad enough that people are afraid to voice opinions, be humorous, or otherwise rock the boat.  I used to have no qualms talking about work on here as long as I didn’t mention the company I worked for.  However, I was always trusting that those commenting (probably the most important variable of blogging) would feel the same restraint.  I am leery now, though, because the risk is far greater than the reward.


And now I have this great story to tell about being arrested for something ridiculous, but I am not sure if I have the sack to lay it all on the line.

And I don’t want to confine myself to an anonymous blog because feedback from friends is 99% of the reason I still post entries.  Who cares what Fernando from Akron thinks about my music entries?  (No offense, Fernando.  You do look marvelous.)  But, sadly, that is how things are today.

When you have a last name like I do, it is not too difficult to find me online.  I used to get mega-hits on the old Upsaid blog (when my writing was edgy, funny, and topical), but now I am afraid to post anything that may come back to haunt me.

My friend Devin (link omitted, just in case he is as scared as I am) once mentioned to me that he was behind on reading my stuff.  His explanation was that (paraphrasing) once something is online, it is there forever.

To wit, I would probably never post anything like this again (my famous non-Christmas party), or this (too volatile for the religious), or even this (too many nipple references).

But I still have a lot to say.

I guess it is time to start the book.  Fiction, of course.  Who would believe it, otherwise?  Lots of great ideas there…


3 thoughts on “Depressing. That’s What It Is.

  1. First, the bits I publish, I’m not only not scared of, but I’m happy with it being out there forever. There’s a few things I might have said differently, but I’m not really known for wearing my heart anywhere but my sleeve.

    Second, now that you’ve got a blog that supports good RSS action, I’m never behind on reading your material. So, dish, man.

  2. Katy

    Oh wow. Thanks so much for linking back to the Phonebooth “Winter Holiday” Bash post. That was the greatest party… so many fun memories are coming back. Shocking that I actually remember most of the night.

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