On A Lighter Note…

Some of you may know that my wife works in the admissions department of an institute that just happens to cater to the arts.  This institute also has an audio production program and the running joke around her office when someone inquires about that degree is that the prospective student always has the same answer when asked what they hope to obtain from that degree:

I want to make beats!

Forget all the other career paths such a degree can open up, from NASA to cryptogrophy.  It’s all about the beats to some.

So I have gotten used to her coming home with CDs that her students have given her, most littered with as many cuss words as possible with the requisite use of the “n” word over and over.  Last week, she came home with a CD from a student who goes by the name Paul C.  And, before she subjected me to the “music”, I told her that I had a feeling that this one would be more intellectual, more brainy.  Wanna know why?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Because that would make it a cerebral Paul C.

(Insert rim shot here.)

Also, I should mention that I actually liked this CD.  It kind of reminded me of Devo, black-style.  In that vein, I named a new genre of music:  Blevo.


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