Holy Crap, You’re Reading

2 09 2008

I guess that means the pressure is on.  It is time to be funny.  To “git witty wid it”.

Unfortunately, I have always been much funnier in person.  Take my last entry, for example.  The sole purpose for that one was to show an example of how quick with a rejoinder I can be.  And then my long lost UK brother Cliff – a true writer, comedy or otherwise – outdid my joke tenfold with his “Banana Republic” comment.

The bastard.

I’ll bet he even “gets” Steely Dan.

So I am left to wonder what I can possibly write to make you – yeah, YOU – laugh.

I could mention that Dawn got a Tarot card reading from a student today and how I told her that I have only messed with Tarot cards once:  it was the only available deck while playing poker with some friends.  I got a full house, and four people died.

But even that joke is stolen (from the great Steven Wright).

Rest assured, I am going to keep my mind nestled on you (three) readers.  Anything funny I say during the day, that does not compromise my job or my relationship with my wife, will be posted here.

Expect a few quiet days…

But check back often, because you never know.




5 responses

2 09 2008

I think the record will show you have a bit more than three readers. Just sayin’.

2 09 2008

Yup. Cliff outdid ya. I quite literally LOLed at it. But you’re funny too. And stuff.

3 09 2008

I got lucky, that’s all.

You do make me laugh. I missed the last line of that post until just now, and it was a gem.

I do like a bit of Steely Dan, though.

3 09 2008
Ed R

I don’t read , I just pretend.

4 09 2008

Cliff likes a “bit” of Steely Dan? Not the whole thing?

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