Another “You Had To Be There” Joke

There was no Ranger game on Austin TV tonight so I took a break from following the action online to lay down with Dawn on the couch downstairs as she cleaned up our DVR. (I had no idea how many episodes of “Leave It To Beaver” that TVLand airs in a single day. After all, there never seems to be an episode on when I am in the mood for accidental sexual innuendos.)

Part of the hard drive clean-up included watching episodes of “Jon And Kate Plus 8”. I have mentioned this show before because I am of the belief that Kate is an unrelenting bitch that makes my blood pressure rise when I see the way she talks to her husband (who reminds me an awful lot of Ray, by the way).

So Dawn was really excited because they were showing the episode in which the family loads up all the kids – plus a Uhaul trailer for the luggage and snacks – to visit Disneyworld. Jon began driving the family down around 5:00 in the afternoon with the intent of making it from Pennsylvania to South Carolina before stopping at a hotel in the middle of the night.

And here is where the joke kicks in: Dawn remarked about the shoddy place to stay that they picked. “You’d think they would stop somewhere nice”, she said, “but that place just looks like a Motor Inn.”

So I replied, “What’s your price for flight?”

And I’m still not sure what is worse… that I issued the “joke” or that Dawn got it.

Sometimes, being a simpleton is nice.


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