Oh, Cutter, Where Art Thou?

We thought of a lot of things before moving to Austin (and now Round Rock). Electric provider, housing market, job market, scenery, “things to do”, and Hippie Hollow. However, it is always the little things – the simple things – that seem to blindside people after a move.

And, no, I am not talking about the fact that Keystone Light is sold by the case here as opposed to the DFW 30 pack.

I’m speaking of a freaking haircut.

We have lived here for five and a half months now and I have only had my hair cut twice. I had no idea that hair cuts would be such an issue here. Then again, I had a great situation with my “stylist” (yes, I call her that) in Burleson. She first cut my hair when I was 19 years old. I am twice that age now. You do whatever is remaining of the math. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

After all, I am nothing if not loyal. If you treat me well and I feel comfortable, then you can count on my business. For an example, Dawn and I have used the same movers in Austin four times: When we first got the apartment, when we needed the kick-ass couch delivered, when we moved to the house in Round Rock, and when we had the washer and dryer delivered. In fact, I have had so much interaction with that guy that we now consider ourselves friends. (He likes to make me the last stop of the day so we can drink a beer together.)

Enough about moving, though. Let’s talk about mop tops.

Dawn and The Boy both got their hair cut by a guy who just happened to be gay and they both swore by him. Now I am not homophobic at all, but I kind of have a thing when it comes to the cut – I am MUCH more comfortable with a female doing the snipping. However, I let Dawn talk me into trying this guy out (not in that way) and she scheduled an appointment for me. I showed up about five minutes early and ended up sitting there for 30 minutes while he kept taking other clients. Enough was enough. As shaggy as I was, I was not that desperate. Taking walk-ins over an appointment? Needless to say, I walked out.

So then I tried a local Sports Clips. Underwhelmed would be a good word for that experience, if that word could be multiplied by 10.

That led to several months of trying to manage a bad haircut. Then, in mid-February, Dawn and I made a trip back to our old stomping grounds. While there, she called my old stylist, begging for her to squeeze me in so I would quit complaining. Although she was booked solid, she promised to call if anyone cancelled.

Alas, no call. It was back to Austin with my shitty look. And, like the title of this entry implies, I felt like I was on a dead-end journey while being tempted by sirens of all sorts in regards to a haircut. What is that music I hear? Plasma TVs showing college basketball games that I could care less about? A disinterested stylist? A dude who disregards scheduled appointments? Oh, so tempting!

But then we moved into our Round Rock house and I noted that a quarter of a mile away was a place called Guy Trendz. They specialize in haircuts for men, so I decided to give them a shot.

Blessed be those that, um, do whatever… because this was the coolest place ever.

The one bad thing is that the cuts take a little longer because the girls are very precise. But that is only bad when you are waiting. When you are actually in the chair it is appreciated. Finally, though I was the only one waiting, I got called.

The woman cutting my hair was very good – thorough and precise, as I mentioned before. But the coolest thing, the thing that sets this place apart from all others, was when the other girl finished with her client and then asked me if I wanted a beer. I thought she was joking.

“Are you serious?”

It turns out that she was. Apparently, they keep a mini keg of Heineken in the back room for the guys that like the lager. The next thing I know, I am being served that German greatness in a plastic cup. They also promised to remember me the next time I am there and will have a drink waiting for me. Suddenly I was contemplating weekly haircuts. After all, Heineken is expensive (and best served luke-warm, to be honest).

Now the free beer was all well and good, but the bottom line is that I was very happy with the cut. I will definitely be back, and not just for the suds. Plus, my new stylist gave me a free bottle of their own brand of shaving cream. Evidently it comes with every “deluxe” cut. I’m not sure how much I will use it because I do have a beard now. (The one on my face, not a chick to make me look non-gay.)

Carry out the plan of the day.


6 thoughts on “Oh, Cutter, Where Art Thou?

  1. jules

    thanks i work at guy trendz and i cut your hair. come and see me again we got a fresh keg. anyone else want a great haircut come see us..

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