The Belated Wrap-Up

Let’s jump right in to this yearly ritual of mine…

2007 Moments To Remember: The new career decision. The postal gig which led to my personal favorite blog entry. Classes in Houston, as well as the friends I met there. Marrying my soulmate at The Temple (i.e. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington). The marriage being mentioned in Baseball Prospectus. The trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma – especially the canoe excursion. Free rentals! Another trip to Oklahoma, this time for a family weekend. The fire contest on that trip. The Mark Teixeira trade because it might be to the Rangers what the Hershel Walker trade was to the Cowboys. The unreal generosity of my family. “I need some Malone time.” Getting the kick-ass apartment at the kick-ass rate. Fleetwood Mac on the CD player of a hotel bar (I had forgotten how good that band was). Joe Days. Devin’s wedding. Chad’s wedding. Singing ‘Love Shack’ at both. My wife landing her new job. China Star in Wichita Falls. Free pens. My niece singing. Downtown Austin with Dawn and Kristyn. Eating at a place called ‘Pancake’. My first ever surprise birthday party.

Moments To Forget: My arrival in Houston for class. Dawn’s car accident in West while driving to see me in Gatesville. Two and a half weeks in Wichitard Falls. Spending so much time in hotels that Triumph’s “Suitcase Blues” could have been my theme song. The combo juggling/magician act that somehow allowed us to stay afloat until things started going right. The worst Thanksgiving ever, thanks to being sick. The cell phone outage (which has now been righted). My desktop computer crashing. Miles across Texas in a cargo van. Accidentally washing my last pack of smokes. Greggo’s demise.

Music: Yet another year went by without attending any live shows. However, thanks to KGSR of Austin and an HBO comedy series, there were a lot of good tunes tossed my way. Bands on the mix CD would include Flight of the Conchords, Snow Patrol, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Paolo Nutini (Scottish? Really?), the new Springsteen album, Feist, lots of Talking Heads, Ryan Adams, Eels, and Willie Nelson’s “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore”. Also, for whip potential, Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Snake Farm” and Bob Dylan’s “Serve Somebody”.

TV/Movies: Three of the best movies I have seen were from 2007 DVD releases: The Prestige, The Departed, and Stranger Than Fiction. Also, Superbad compares to Napoleon Dynamite in that it gets funnier every time it is watched. I was underwhelmed during my first attempt, but cracked up during my second. TV consisted of The Office (American version), Flight of the Conchords, and the genius of HBO’s Extras. Why only two seasons, Ricky? Why? And thank goodness for tons of Law & Order reruns on cable. I also warmed to House and Thirty Rock. Finally, I am ashamed to admit that I momentarily got sucked into Jon and Kate Plus Eight. But Kate is such an unrelenting bitch that I had to either quit watching or punch a wall.

You Will Be Missed: Johnny Hart, Molly Ivins, Lady Bird, Norman Mailer, Bowie Kuhn, Tom Poston, Charles Nelson Reilly, Anna Nicole, Calvert DeForest, Merv Griffin,Evel Knievel… and especially the great Tom Snyder.

Things To Look Forward To In 2008: The launch of my company. (Dawn will kill me for using “my”, but she has free education for her kids to work for, so she will not be involved as much as we originally intended. There is a backup plan for marketing, however.) Another Missouri trip, this time with the brother-in-law in tow. China Star in Austin. Hiking at Enchanted Rock. REM at South By Southwest. (Keep your fingers crossed. We hope to find out where and when they are playing a very small venue.) Financial stability and then some. Thanksgiving on the lake? Taking The Boy to the guitar show in Dallas.

And, just for fun, this is what I wrote a year ago in my “Things To Look Forward To In 2007” blurb:

Working and making a name for myself… again. Financial security. Another Missouri trip, but this one with fly fishing. Getting back to playing guitar more. Writing more, but this time for fun. Wedding plans? The odd age of 37, only a few weeks away. But most of all… the unknown. As I wrote the 2005 year-end entry, who could have predicted the luck I would run into during 2006? Who could have known that I would love deeper than I ever imagined? Part of me keeps saying that I do not deserve this. But another part reminds me that I have paid my dues.This will be our year.

Ah, life.

Can’t live without it.


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