The Silver Haired Lady Behind The Counter

He sat behind the keyboard and stared.

This same set of letters, arrayed in no particular order, used to talk to him. They would tell him what to say – pressing certain keys in order to form thoughts that he didn’t even know he had. But now the silence was beyond deafening. It was the end result of a very trying year, he guessed.

In fact, all of the above words were the product of three days of thinking. It was going to be so good, he thought. Ground-breaking. Worth the wait, even. So he started typing…


Is that a word?

What happened to the words? The thoughts? The masterful bon mots?

They will be back someday, he thought.

After all, a new year had begun.

Thoughtlessly, he fumbled for a cigarette from his breast pocket.


4 thoughts on “The Silver Haired Lady Behind The Counter

  1. Had more than a few of those moments in the last couple of years. There’s no real way to “bring back the words,” except to be cognizant of when you have something to say and jot down a reminder on anything handy, for expansion later.

    Happy new year to you, Dawn and the rest of the Austin crew…

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