Ok, Ed…

As Bono once said: “I’m wide awake… I’m not sleeping.”

I’ve just been working like a dog – kind of. Back in retail (until I get the state license I’ve been working toward) and working 10 hour days, though at least my schedule is Monday through Friday. For all my old friends back in the Fort Worth area, imagine being in one of those big party supply chains and looking at all the merchandise. Now imagine having to reset every aisle in the store. By yourself. Making up for 18 months of constant store turnover, especially in the management ranks.

If that sounds bleak, then counteract that with this: I have always loved doing resets. I’m not only good at it, but I am damned good at it. Then, picture the owners coming in several times a week to compliment my work. Imagine them emailing me on a Saturday night with an “urgent” message to call them so that I can attend a Christmas party. And, while you’re at it, picture yourself in a boat on a river – with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

Just keeping Austin weird.

In other news, Dawn’s job starts on Monday. Gone will be my short trips home for lunch, but I’m glad she’ll be out and about again. It was tough wanting to come home and “veg out” after a long day while she had been held prisoner by the apartment, begging for me to doing anything other than “veg”. Soon, we will get to “veg” together.

So, before I post my annual letter to Santa, I thought I would throw out a few quick hits about life in the capitol of Texas.

  • I have already developed a few bits regarding businesses around our home. Whenever we pass Covert Ford, I always mention how we aren’t supposed to know it is there. Also, when driving by Lacks Furniture, I note how they always seem to forget something. (You may have to try that last one out loud to get the joke.)
  • Speaking of bits, when I used to go on road trips with my buddies, everytime we would pass through Buda I would start chanting: “Buddha! Buddha! Buddha!” (Mark and Ray are probably the only readers of this blog who will remember that.) However, now that I live just north of that town, I have learned that the correct pronunciation is BYU-duh, not BOO-duh. Crap.
  • And while on the subject of pronunciations, there are more funny ones around here. Two towns have normal spellings, yet distinctively southern pronunciations. “Burnet” is not BUR-net, it is bur-NIT. And Manor is not to be confused with Richie Rich’s house, but is pronounced as Maynard without the ‘d’ at the end. MAY-nor. Also, a major street on the south side of town is spelled Manchaca, which always reminded me of the creepy guy on ‘Land of the Lost’. Sadly, we learned that the street – no matter the spelling – is called MAN-chock. Lots of shit to learn, I guess.

I hope this entry finds everyone well, if anyone even checks this site any more.

Stay hard, people.

(Damn, I miss listening to The Ticket.)


9 thoughts on “Ok, Ed…

  1. Nothing about the company and how we are progressing? Nothing about Mark and Sean and Ben and how we are all going to be rich one day soon? Nothing about the inspection Saturday? Thats okay, just another excuse to write again tomorrow. I miss your blog.

  2. Ed R

    Retail? There’s been a disconnect, what happened to that other job?
    I’m glad you’re both employed again and can veg out together.

  3. Katy

    Hate to break it to you, but it’s actually MAN-shack. And Koenig is KAY-nig. And lots of other fun crazies like that. I got the job and I’ll be in Marble Falls in just about 3 weeks!

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