Things To Do In Austin While Broke

Within a one mile radius of our apartment are all manner of conveniences… an HEB grocery store, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Home Depot, a full-fledged mall, SuperTarget, restaurants (fast food and sit down), and gas stations. And all of that is well and good, but the main reason we chose this area of Austin was for the following:

This morning, Dawn and I drove the meager 4.9 miles to nearby St. Edward’s Park to enjoy some hiking and beautiful scenery. The great thing about that park is that the trailhead offers parking for about 10 vehicles and, after about 50 feet, an abundance of trails to choose from. We could go there once a week for 6 months and take a different route each time.

Pics of our morning can be viewed here.

Then, after a brief lunch back at the apartment, we took a short 8.5 mile spin to Lake Travis to drive by the world famous Oasis (mentioned in many songs), aptly described as the sunset capitol of Texas, and even a brief jaunt to the just as famous Hippie Hollow.

We had hoped that the Hollow, located in McGregor Park, would offer some nature trails to hike along the lake. Sadly, though, we found that it cost $10 just to get in the park. Dawn asked the woman at the gate if we could just drive through the park, but we were told that there is no place to drive – just a parking area and everywhere else has to be traversed by foot. To clarify, she added, “Besides, there’s a lot of naked people down there.”

We acted shocked. Obviously, we knew that Hippie Hollow was a nudist paradise but we had no interest in that. As I have told Dawn many times, the only people who go there and “get nekkid” are the ones you most definitely do not want to see nude. We just wanted to kind of scout out the area for nature walks (not “au naturale” walks), but apparently we couldn’t even do that.

So we just drove around the lake instead. Pics of that drive can be seen here.

We’re just doing our part at keeping Austin weird, as the city implores.


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