The News

Yes, this is blog entry number three for today. I’m finally getting caught up because I finally have time to dedicate to this endeavor. Now, for those of you who hate it when I write about music, you can go ahead and skip this post because that is what is on my mind right now.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that my favorite radio station in Austin is 107.1 KGSR. A little browsing on that link should make the reasons I love it so become evident. You can browse their playlist on any given day and see artists like Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Pete Yorn, REM, Willie Nelson, Booker T & the MGs, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the Talking Heads.

(Speaking of the Heads, in one week I heard six songs of theirs… without a duplicate. Now that is cool. Even better was that ‘Burning Down the House’ was not one of the six.)

I encourage those of you who live in the FM radio toilet bowl known as Dallas/Ft. Worth to go to the KGSR site and stream their audio while at work or while at home just goofing around on the computer. No other station compares.

Now, with all that said, I really wanted to mention the coolest thing I have heard on 107.1 – in fact, probably the coolest song I have heard since The Killers “All These Things That I Have Done”.

Last week, Dawn and I took The Boy out for a drive around Austin at night. Specifically, we took him by the capitol building, the Frost Bank building (which looks awesome at night), and down 6th street to do some freak watching. On the way back home, a song came on the radio that gave me pause. Was I really hearing a new song from Big Audio Dynamite? I was sure that I would know Mick Jones’ voice, so I was convinced we were listening to B.A.D. And, since 107.1 is very good about naming artists, we fought through a really bad Bob Dylan tune (“You Gotta Serve Somebody” or somesuch) just so my guess could be confirmed.

When the seemingly endless Dylan handcuff torture was over, we learned that the band we heard before was Carbon/Silicon. Once in the apartment, a quick search landed me on their website where I learned that that was, indeed, Mick Jones (also of The Clash) on vocals. He has teamed up with Tony James from Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik to form this band which has, apparently, been around for a while.

Thanks to D/FW toilet radio, I never knew the band existed.

But, thanks to Austin and the internet, now I can imbed the video of that catchy, catchy song. (And I can also note that Mick Jones looks eerily like Marty. Those who know him will surely agree.)

Good morning, here’s the news and all of it is good.

Good evening, here’s the news and all of it is good.

And the weather’s good.



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