Greetings from my new writing spot: the upstairs balcony of our as-yet-unnamed (i.e. nicknamed) apartment in Austin. I am listening to The Ticket online on the laptop while struggling to put into words just how great it is here.

Before I get into the interior, let me just say that there is a large Magnolia tree to my left that provides a ton of shade, but not so much that I cannot see the sun setting over the wooded hills to the west. Sure, there the requisite signs of development also in view – a Hooter’s, Alamo Draft House, and a hotel. However, none of that detracts from the natural beauty of this city.

There is a sliding glass door on the balcony that leads into The Boy’s room and a hinged door that leads to our room. Both rooms are the same size… huge. 15 by 23 or somesuch. Both rooms also have nice full baths. (I think Coleton’s might be just a little bit roomier than ours.) In between the rooms, at the top of the stairs, is a small wet-bar area complete with a sink, low cabinets, and a mini-fridge. This is where Dawn has promised me room to display all my knick knacks (bobbleheads, the ball from my first high school home run, etc.). Finally, I will have a “man area” that is not a garage. We may have to wait a bit before we buy the shelves and get my Rolling Stone covers framed, though. For now, all my treasures are arrayed on the countertop.

A jaunt down the stairs leads to the front door on the left and the living room on the right. Opposite the front door is a little “cut out” area behind the fireplace that we intend to use for a bookcase and a coatrack. At the end of the living room is a nice sized dining area at the end of the kitchen. At the other end of the kitchen is the laundry area – with a washer and dryer supplied by the apartment. (Mom, the washer is exactly like the one I gave Bob when I moved out of the phone booth.) There is a small hallway under the stairs that offers storage on the right and a half bath at the end.

It really does feel like home. A “real” home, even if it is an apartment.

Once we get it fully furnished, I’ll post some pics somewhere.

For those who have asked about work, it is going very well. (Again, remember my policy of being very vague talking about jobs on here.) I’ve got the whole place to myself – I am the only one in the office… kind of. My company rents space from another office, so I’ve got a built-in receptionist and a space to decorate and organize as I see fit. Pretty cool, and definitely something I am not used to.

One of the best things about the job? I left work in Round Rock today at 4:50pm, stopped by a mail drop to send in documents, and then went into a Wal-Mart to get Nyquil for Dawn. I was home at 5:20. Can’t beat that.

My favorite radio station here is 107.1 because they play all sorts of cool stuff that I’d never hear in Dallas/Ft. Worth. For example, I didn’t even know that Big Head Todd and the Monsters had a new CD out.

I’ll try to update one more time before a weekend spent with family in Oklahoma (now 2 1/2 hours further away), but we’ll see. I think we are going to pick up a new (used) bed tomorrow night.

Peace to all.

And stay weird.


4 thoughts on “Skydancing

  1. Katy

    Yay!! Keep Austin Weird! I knew you guys would love it down there… such an awesome city. I miss it so much. I’ll be back so soon!!!

  2. Ed R

    Sounds like you got it goping on, Leemer. As long as the neighbors aren’t too loud it’s a great gig. You’re near Cedar Park? I have a neice and a nephew up near there.
    I have really good friends in Steiner Ranch, and down south in the bad part of town, and west of Steiner Ranch by the lake and river, and …
    You rock, mister.
    Hug the wife for me, and take her to Taco Bell for Beef and Potato Burritos for me.

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