One For The Music Fans

(Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention now that life is returning to some semblance of normalcy in the new Austin digs…)

Music-related quick hits:

– While driving on a backroad between Wichitard Falls and Jacksboro last Tuesday, I saw an odd road sign: “Watch for wildLife on Road Next 15 Miles”. Now, being in Texas, I am accustomed to seeing “Deer Crossing”, “Watch for Cattle on Road”, or even “Truck Crossing” signs, but never one as vague as the above mentioned sign. And, sure enough, a few miles down the road David Byrne crossed right in front of me doing the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ forearm chop.

– Odd music moment: A forty-something Arab store clerk quoting Led Zeppelin to me and doing so on purpose.

– I took a piss in LaGrange last Friday. (Actually, I should have said “wizz” because of the double z’s.)

– On a serious note, my current favorite song is by Kelly Willis: Nobody Wants To Go To The Moon Anymore.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “One For The Music Fans

  1. God knows it could be several weeks before John writes again so here is an update….

    Our apartment is huge. Over 1500 sq feet and we love it. There is a wet bar upstairs with a mini fridge. It is a funky scene. John is in charge of decorating that area. Bobble heads are coming out of storage…watch out world.

    Austin has been true to its reputation. The public access channels are GOLD! Spoken word with break dancing, I cant turn it off.

    I will have to twist John’s arm to write about the Chinese restaurant we went to. Only he could do it justice.

    Katy…when are you moving home? Alamo airs The Office on Thursday nights. We need to make that a regular thing.

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