I’m On A Roll

Tuesday was pretty boring. I did nothing but drive around Brownwood and two neighboring towns (Early and Bangs – sounds like a mullet starterkit… or a shit-kicker country band). The one highlight was driving back into Brownwood from Bangs, however. From what seemed to be a prarie, all of a sudden a vista opened up in front of me. I was on top of a very tall hill with a view for miles. If Brownwood were a little smaller, it would have been even better. However, the expanse of the town actually detracted from the sight, though it was still welcome.

Ouray, Colorado it was not. But I still reveled in it.

The thing that separated Tuesday from Monday is that I finally saw a person of color. I felt that it was odd, with a name of Brownwood, that every person in town would be white. I mean, I didn’t expect the town to be called Whitewood, but damn. Not even a person of Mexican heritage? Not one? Who the Hell mows lawns in this town?

I’m kidding, of course. I just never thought I’d be in a town in Texas that lacked a single Latino. I’d check into that if I were you.

Once back in the hotel that night, I decided that when I called my boss for the daily check-in, I’d inquire more about the McKinney job. After all, Dawn had just been laid off as the company she had worked for spiraled out of control thanks to the housing market collapse. What we thought was a guaranteed paycheck (no pun intended for those who know the company name) until January was suddenly gone. Our 2008 move had just been put on the fast track out of desperation. We were now looking at relocating in November. With fingers crossed.

However, my cell phone sucks. Blackberry? How about Yak-Wary. I kept getting error messages, including the very strange “Radio Connection Failed”. What the eff?

My mind racing (as it always will), I slept on my ideas. I knew I had a full day on Wednesday with ten stops in Brownwood before making my way toward Comanche. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “I’m On A Roll

  1. Katy

    *sigh* Brownwood, DeLeon, Stephenville, Comanche… I’m getting homesick even though I’m not actually from that area. I’d just like to see one good live oak tree right now. Not that palm trees aren’t nice, but….

  2. Dawn

    Why do I get tickled at the idea of you (Katy) stuck in Florida with the blue haired group? I forgot you were going to be there for awhile. Damn. I was hoping for an Austin get together in front of the skinny mirror.

  3. Katy

    No blue hairs here… just a completely different breed of trailer trash. I refer to them as Keys Trash. No Wal-mart, either… just one godawful Kmart. *shudder*

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