One-Liner Time

A quick look into the lighter side of life before continuing with the narrative of last week…

I mentioned that Dawn and I are planning a move to Austin, so that precipitated an annual event of ours: Downsizing. The less we have to move, the better. Besides, every other time we have done this, we have been able to sell what we have for more than we paid for it and buy even better stuff off of Craig’s List while having some cash left over.

For example, the couch/loveseat/chair triplets we bought for $125 sold for $200 in a matter of hours this weekend. However, that left us with a gaping hole in the living room. So how did we fill it up? Well, Dawn found a king size bed for $75 that we ended up paying $50 for. And, rather than squeeze it into one of the three bedrooms here, we decided to set it up in the living room since The Boy is at his friend’s house in Highland Park for a couple of weeks. Now our house looks like a hotel room, which is oddly comforting – especially since I have been on the road the last two and a half weeks.

Anyway, the couple we bought it from were very nice. In fact, the guy was a missionary.

So after we got it all set up in front of the telly, I laid on the bare mattress to see how it felt. With my head lying facedown, I said “Hmmm… it even smells like missionary.”


“No, I take that back. It smells like doggie-style.”

Welcome to our world. Enjoy your stay.


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