Sometimes It Takes Some Reading To Get The Writing Going…

So, yeah – I’ve been gone for a while. In fact, I have moved from my former home to this new site. The area is nice, the neighbors seem cool, and there is no pet deposit here. (Unless you have cats. If that is the case, you must make a paypal donation.)

In the past, I would frequently “reinvent” my blog. In other words, I would try out new shit to see if it would stick. The thing is, once I got to writing, I forgot about all that stuff. My best writing was done when I just let it flow… so that is what I am going to (try to) do here. Let it flow,man. Let it flow.

Over the last few weeks, however, I met with kind of a mental block. I often started an entry, only to save it half-written never to be seen again. So instead, I immersed myself in books hoping to rekindle the flame of the brain that tickles my writing fancy. ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, ‘Flesh and Blood’ by Jonathan Kellerman, and ‘Mr. X’ by Peter Straub. Alas, none of that helped. Instead, I started reading the archives at my old residence.

And that did the trick, because – DAMN – I used to be a good, witty writer. And I want that again.

(I have said in the past that I never liked anything I had written immediately after the fact, but only after revisiting it weeks later. That still holds true.)

So, I intend to build up the post content in this new residence by periodically reposting something from the past, things I consider to be worthy of a re-read. However, they will be posted with the original “time stamp”, hence you might need to check out the sidebar for recent entries because the latest might not be at the top of this page.

Besides, over the last four years, I have picked up many new readers who may be unfamiliar with just how smart and captivating I used to be. Won’t they be surprised!

(By the way, don’t expect a lot of exclamation points. But the parentheticals are here to stay…)

Remain obtuse…


5 thoughts on “Sometimes It Takes Some Reading To Get The Writing Going…

  1. Hey there, glad you’re writing again. I have had that whole stop-start-stall (grind grind crunch gotta-reboot-my-brain) thing going since just before I moved (starting with software on my puter going screwy). I’ve been greatly relieved to find that I can still write, that I still have lots of things I want to say, and despite a few technical problems (only recently discovered) I am still able to be honest. I’m proud of myself, and now I can be proud of you too. Continuity rules! :p
    Visit me sometime? Both of you!

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