Blog Hot

A while ago, in another blog-life, I wrote about a theory of mine regarding how society as a whole judges people (ok – women in particular) based on their current peers. I called this phenomenom “Wal-Mart Hot”. The Ticket, thanks to Gordon Keith, latched on to this concept during their annual one-week sabbatical, hence “coining” the term “compound hot”.

I’m still a little mad about that, because Gordon stole the idea from my blog (proof exists), but I cannot possibly fathom that two guys from New Zealand stole that same concept. So this duo, Flight of the Conchords, gets a pass on this one. Besides, I really love their HBO show.

So enjoy my theory of “Wal-Mart Hot” in a whole new perspective…

And, from now on, I promise to limit my video output here…

Stay hard.


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